Programs Offered in Sri Sri’s Presence




” I cannot directly pin point it, but definitely there is a big change from before and after going to the silence course. I feel I have become a new person, so I say that the course has been the starting point of my new self. The new me is very comfortable. I feel blessed and very happy.” — Shoko




“They all say this practice helps them relax anywhere. I strongly recommend that students have access to the ART Excel because it enables them to take control of their lives, even in the most desperate circumstances.” — Marie Diamond, Student Services, Wilson Middle School




“YES! has helped to create that culture of calm we really want our school to have. The [stress management] strategies taught on YES! are not just used in the classroom, they are life-skills that the students and staff can use outside of the classroom as well.”– Ms. Tamara Littlejohn, Walt Disney Magnet School, Chicago